Proven Techniques

Michael Tischler Observing

Don’t waste a lot of time and money experimenting to find what works.

Full-arch dental implants can be a unique and profitable service, especially if you learn our proven techniques developed from Dr. Tischler’s expertise in the field.

  • Exclusive Full-Arch Training Workflow spells out staff roles for every step of the full-arch process, from the first phone call through treatment and laboratory steps to final follow-up. This workflow was created from years of clinical experience in multiple practices.
  • Unique Full-Arch Clinical Workflow includes sedation techniques, armamentarium, surgical steps for efficiency, and laboratory prosthetic steps for both guided and non-guided processes. Our custom protocols include steps that lead to both clinical efficiency and reduced surgical and prosthetic time.
  • Leadership Fundamentals along with our unique full-arch staff bonus program, increases staff retention, staff motivation and practice success.
  • Proven Practice Principles of treatment planning, presenting and financing full-arch cases that take into consideration ideal medical and legal protection. All forms and protocols, including consent forms, are provided through our templated proprietary Tischler Full-Arch Workflow.
  • Goal-Driven, Team Building Staff Presentation using principles inspired by best-selling authors including Brian Tracey, Jack Canfield, Maxwell Maltz, John Maxwell and Wayne Dyer.