Tier 1

Individualized Consultation

A full assessment of your current clinical situation, armamentarium and materials. Assessment includes a review of your staff implementation, laboratory workflow, practice goals, finance programs and case presentation strategies. This is also for DSO’s!

  • Online meetings and presentations with you and your team to discuss recommendations to improve all areas assessed.
  • Online access to custom created full-arch treatment documents and forms, streamlining full-arch treatment and ensuring medical and legal protection.
  • Customized full-arch PowerPoint presentation to be used in patient seminars.
  • Dr. Tischler assisted treatment planning cases with CT scans for full-arch options.
  • An assessment by Dr. Tischler’s full-arch practice management consultant.
  • Discounts for full-arch laboratory services from Dr. Tischler’s lab.
  • Individualized clinical guidance for non-guided and guided full-arch treatment and workflows.

Follow-up meeting on strategies implemented to ensure future success.

Tier 2*

On-Site Surgical Observation (Fee varies)

One day on-site office and surgical observation by Dr. Tischler at your practice.

  • Dr. Tischler travels to your office to observe a morning of surgery chairside over your shoulder. Pre-surgery treatment planning and full involvement in the surgical case being observed.
  • Dr. Tischler assisted treatment planning of cases with CT scans for full-arch options.
  • Observation of staff presentation utilizing recommended protocols, with feedback.
  • A staff and doctor presentation to reaffirm all Tier 1 recommendations in person and to answer any questions or clarify processes.
  • On-site assessment of armamentarium and physical office space with recommendations.

Post-visit online follow-up on all areas discussed.
*Tier 1 is a prerequisite.