About Dr. Michael Tischler

Head-shot of Michael Tischler

Dr. Tischler is an internationally recognized leader in the dental field. He has placed and restored thousands of dental implants, with a documented 5-year full-arch success rate published in The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry*. Dr. Tischler is known for his dedication to educating his colleagues and has received numerous awards for his skill as an implant dentist. Dr. Tischler is the Implant Editor for Dentistry Today Magazine, publishing over 60 articles devoted to implant dentistry and bone grafting.

Dr. Tischler is the founder of the Teeth Tomorrow implant network and Teeth Tomorrow Dental Laboratory. He is an ABOI Diplomate, on faculty at the Rutgers University AAID Maxi Course, and is a nationally recognized lecturer and author. Michael has built the largest full-arch implant franchise in the US with over 45 locations, and founded the only dedicated full-arch dental implant lab in the US. The Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab is currently the largest supplier of Zirkanzahn zirconia nationwide. Under his leadership and techniques, his practice, Tischler Implant Dentistry, grew to $6,000,000 a year before he recently sold it.

* 5yearstudy.com