Attract new patients to grow your dental practice with the Tischler Full-Arch Dental Implant System

Our program is the only one that offers a
360 Degree Comprehensive

Process Part 1

and Case

Process Part 2

with Case

Process Part 3


Process Part 4


Michael Tischler Observing

In this unique program, Dr. Tischler will observe, analyze and assess your practice. He will then share with you and your team his recommendations so that you can integrate or expand full-arch treatment programs in your practice.

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Don’t waste a lot of time and money experimenting to find what works.

Full-arch dental implants can be a unique and profitable service, especially if you learn our proven techniques developed from Full-arch dental consultant Dr. Tischler’s expertise in the field.

  • Exclusive Full-Arch Training Workflow spells out staff roles for every step of the full-arch process, from the first phone call through treatment and laboratory steps to final follow-up. This workflow was created from years of clinical experience in multiple practices.
  • Unique Full-Arch Clinical Workflow includes sedation techniques, armamentarium, surgical steps for efficiency, and laboratory prosthetic steps for both guided and non-guided processes. Our custom protocols include steps that lead to both clinical efficiency and reduced surgical and prosthetic time.
  • Leadership Fundamentals along with our unique full-arch staff bonus program, increases staff retention, staff motivation and practice success.
  • Proven Practice Principles of treatment planning, presenting and financing full-arch cases that take into consideration ideal medical and legal protection. All forms and protocols, including consent forms, are provided through our templated proprietary Tischler Full-Arch Workflow.
  • Goal-Driven, Team Building Staff Presentation using principles inspired by best-selling authors including Brian Tracey, Jack Canfield, Maxwell Maltz, John Maxwell and Wayne Dyer.
Tier 1

Individualized Consultation

A full assessment of your current clinical situation, armamentarium and materials. Assessment includes a review of your staff implementation, laboratory workflow, practice goals, finance programs and case presentation strategies. This is also for DSO’s!

  • Online meetings and presentations with you and your team to discuss recommendations to improve all areas assessed.
  • Online access to custom created full-arch treatment documents and forms, streamlining full-arch treatment and ensuring medical and legal protection.
  • Customized full-arch PowerPoint presentation to be used in patient seminars.
  • Dr. Tischler assisted treatment planning cases with CT scans for full-arch options.
  • An assessment by Dr. Tischler’s full-arch practice management consultant.
  • Discounts for full-arch laboratory services from Dr. Tischler’s lab.
  • Individualized clinical guidance for non-guided and guided full-arch treatment and workflows.

Follow-up meeting on strategies implemented to ensure future success.

Tier 2*

On-Site Surgical Observation (Fee varies)

One day on-site office and surgical observation by Dr. Tischler at your practice.

  • Dr. Tischler travels to your office to observe a morning of surgery chairside over your shoulder. Pre-surgery treatment planning and full involvement in the surgical case being observed.
  • Dr. Tischler assisted treatment planning of cases with CT scans for full-arch options.
  • Observation of staff presentation utilizing recommended protocols, with feedback.
  • A staff and doctor presentation to reaffirm all Tier 1 recommendations in person and to answer any questions or clarify processes.
  • On-site assessment of armamentarium and physical office space with recommendations.

Post-visit online follow-up on all areas discussed.
*Tier 1 is a prerequisite.

Dr. Michael Tischler is a Leader in Implant Dentistry
  • “Dr. Michael Tischler is an internationally acclaimed clinician and educator on the topic of Full Arch Dental Implant solutions. Dr. Tischler has streamlined and refined the protocols required to confidently and competently provide fixed full-arch implant restorations, specifically the Prettau Bridge. Dr. Tischler has expertise, not only in the surgical and prosthetic aspects, but his advice and knowledge in marketing and staff training is invaluable for any dentist looking to incorporate full-arch dental implant procedures to the services they can offer their patients. I wholeheartedly give a two thumbs up endorsement to Dr. Tischler and his team.”

    Lawrence Nalitt, DDS Diplomate
    Brooklyn, NY
    American Board of Oral Implantology
  • “If you are looking to enter or expand this part of your practice and help your community to live longer and healthier lives, you cannot go wrong in getting Dr. Tischler on your team!  His insight and experience will shortcut your learning curve and help to move more patients into better and longer-term health mouths.  It’s no longer a question if the ‘All-on-X’ approach to implants will work but rather a question of when you will bring it into your practice and how. He has built his dental lab and dental office to showcase the zirconia full fixed restorations, and is expertise on both the lab side as well as clinical side of this field is unparalleled.  Do yourself a favor and get his mentorship and coaching – you will not only see your practice flourish, but also gain a great new friend in the process!”

    Mark Duncan, DDS
    Georgetown TX
  • “Michael is one of the tops in the full arch implant game. His knowledge is extensive and practical and his teaching is based on how to implement and be successful in real life practice… not just what looks good on the slides at the symposiums. I have learned a lot from Michael over the years and I appreciate his commitment to our profession.”

    Jeff Buske, DDS
    Granbury, TX
  • “In the realm of full arch implant therapy, Michael Tischler is a true pioneer. He is dedicated and passionate about providing successful full-arch solutions for his patients.

    Dr. Tischler has developed predictable protocols and systems to achieve the ideal outcomes. If you’d like coaching from a doctor that understands surgery, restorative, and occlusal design at the highest level, Michael is your man. Not to mention, these positive outcomes are well documented and published in the literature.

    Beyond the clinical aspect, his entrepreneurial expertise will guide you appropriately to achieve your goals. He can teach you how to draw in and manage the patients that will benefit the from full arch services you’ll be providing!”

    Frank A. Caputo, DDS, DABOI
    Private Practice - Wisconsin
    Milwaukee Implant Institute - Director
  • “Full-arch dental implant reconstruction and immediate loading is all the rage in dentistry today. It is imperative that the practitioner connect with the highest quality diagnosticians and competent laboratory technicians to insure a predictable and long-term restoration.  Michael Tischler and his exceptional team help guide you through case selection, clinical treatment protocols, marketing success, laboratory processes, team roles and more. To make this process smooth and ensure confidence you want to rely on support that has experience. To get the best result you want to work with the best.”

    Tim Kosinski, DDS, MAGD
    Bingham Farms, MI
  • “The success of my full arch implant practice is directly related to working with Dr. Michael Tischler. Under his guidance, I went from doing the occasional full arch case to having this be the main focus of my practice. Enough growth that I added a complete surgical addition with 2 large surgical suites to my office after only 2 years.”

    Jeff Lynch, DDS
    McKinney, TX
  • “I have known Dr. Michael Tischler both personally and professionally for many years.  He is an outstanding clinician and is particularly skilled at delivery of the full-arch zirconia restoration for the patient with a terminal dentition.”

    Jack Piermatti, DMD
    FACP Diplomate, American Board of Prosthodontics Diplomate,
    American Board of Oral Implantology Past-President, American Board of Oral Implantology
  • “Dr. Tischler is a preeminent force in implant dentistry. Through extensive training, exhaustive clinical experience and dedication to learning and applying his own innovation, he has taken implant dentistry to a new level. His early appreciation for the use of zirconia to simplify the full-arch restorative process has lead to the first and only lab dedicated to full-arch zirconia implant restorations and the Teeth Tomorrow brand.”

    Dr. John T. McLoughlin, DDS
    Bayshore, NY
  • “Dr. Michael Tischler knows the full-arch game as well as anyone I’ve been associated with in the past 20 years. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of surgical, restorative, lab, and business development that is unparalleled in our industry.”

    Ken Templeton, DDS OMFS
    Edmond, OK
    Founder Revitalize Dental Implants and OMS
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About Dr. Michael Tischler, DDS

Head-shot of Michael Tischler

Dr. Tischler is an internationally recognized leader in the dental field. He has placed and restored thousands of dental implants, with a documented 5-year full-arch success rate published in The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry*. Dr. Tischler is known for his dedication to educating his colleagues and has received numerous awards for his skill as an implant dentist. Dr. Tischler is the Implant Editor for Dentistry Today Magazine, publishing over 60 articles devoted to implant dentistry and bone grafting.

Dr. Tischler is the founder of the Teeth Tomorrow implant network and Teeth Tomorrow Dental Laboratory. He is an ABOI Diplomate, on faculty at the Rutgers University AAID Maxi Course, and is a nationally recognized lecturer and author. Michael has built the largest full-arch implant franchise in the US with over 45 locations, and founded the only dedicated full-arch dental implant lab in the US. The Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab is currently the largest supplier of Zirkanzahn zirconia nationwide. Under his leadership and techniques, his practice, Tischler Implant Dentistry, grew to $6,000,000 a year before he recently sold it.